Provisions, Fuel and Water

Your boat comes full of fuel and water and you have to return it full after your holiday, this can be arranged for you on your return at the station you have chosen. It is a good idea to “top-up”your water tanks regularly as on some of the smaller islands this can be hard.
As for your provisions there are a choice of shops and supermarkets close to all of our stations and you can go shopping on your arrival, or if you prefer this can be done for you and delivered to your boat by the super market on your arrival.
Linen is supplied as one set per person for a 2 week period, there are laundries on all of the larger islands who supply you with a daily laundry service.

Briefing, Check-in and assistance

On your arrival your boat will have been prepared and checked and the station staff will show you the boat and explain how everything works, this really needs to be done during day light hours so if you are arriving after dark please let us now as early as possible and your check-in can be organised for the next morning. Once you have been shown your yacht and assisted in any questions you may have either about recommended destinations or about your boat they will have supplied you with all necessary documentation, including contact phone numbers in case you have any problems.

What you need to bring

You will need to have with you your passport, booking confirmation for your requested boat, travellers cheques, VISA or other credit card for the security deposit and the balance of charter if this has not already been paid, this will have to be in either cash, certified bankers cheque or travellers cheques. We can only take credit cards for the security deposit.
Luggage should be packed in soft sided bags suitcases do not fit on to sailing boats well, do not forget hats, sunscreen, sun glasses, any medication you may be on and some sort of wet weather gear. There are life jackets and harnesses on the boat for you but if you have a favourite one then bring it along. You will also need proof of competence either a skippers licence from your own country or a sailing resume of your competence this is required for both the skipper and co-skipper.