Recurring toponyms on the islands
  • Chora   χώρα
    The central, elevated and often most important settlement of the island, for examples see the photos of Kythira Chora, Milos Chora and Sikinos Chora further below.
  • Skala   Σκάλα
    The port that is associated with the (highest) Chora. From the Italian word “scala” (stairs), as can be found on SantoriniPatmosAstypalea and Sikinos. Skala is also used to indicate a quay on nautical charts.
  • Loutra   Λουτρά
    This place name refers to a thermal spring – Loutraki – hence indicating “spa” or “baths”: Methana: marvellously mephitic, KythnosSkopelos.
  • Vathi   Βαθύ
    From the Greek word meaning “deep” or “depth” indicating a “deep harbour”. See MeganisiMethanaSamosKalimnos.
  • Panormos   Πάνορμος
    Litterally “whole harbour”, suggesting a good place to moor. Examples on MykonosAstypalaiaTinosSkopelos and Naxos.
  • Kastro   κάστρο
    The greek word for “castle”, compare the Latin “castrum”. Usually referring to Venetian castles or (a part of) a town that originated from such a fortress. Examples on SkiathosSifnosAndros. Also, Chios, the main settlement on Chios island, is often called either Chora or Kastro to distinguish between the island and the town, likewise Antiparos.
  • Profitis Ilias   Προφήτης Ηλίας
    The highest mountain on numerous islands, notably on MelosRhodes and Sifnos, is named “The prophet Elias”.
  • Panagia   Παναγία
    Also Panayia or Panaghia, meaning All Holy. One of the titles of Mary, the mother of Jesus, used throughout Greece for Orthodox Churches, villages and bays, as on Pelagos.
  • Acropolis
Sailing Aegina - Greece and Athens Sailing Delos - Greece and Mykonos Sailing Mykonos in Greece.
Greek chart terms
Ayios – Ayia     Saint: e.g. Agios Nikolaos, Agia Marina
Akrotirion Headland – promontory
Ormos Bay
Nero Potable water
Ifalos Overfalls – reef
Nisos Island
Khersonisos Peninsula
Oros Mountain
Potamos River
Stena Strait
Paralia Beach
Limani Port
Kolpos Gulf
Vrakhos Rocks